FullContact Social Integration Is Here!

FullContact is a great way to pull social media data, icons, links into your portal so you can gain useful insights into you customers, their demographics, interests, and trends. This article will show you what the integration looks like, how to create a free FullContact account, and how to setup your API key in your portal. How The Integration Works Once you have set your FullContact API key, you will see data populating inside a new customer tab called "Social". With [...]

Announcing QuickBooks Payments Support

QuickBooks Payments support is here! You can now enable support for QuickBooks Payments in your portal. Currently, there is only support for Credit Card Payments. Your customers also have the convenience of saving credit cards for future payments. The ability to save credit cards is also available with our Stripe and Authorize.net payment methods.

New! Email Templates for Customer Receipts

There are two new email templates available for customization in your web portal. One is for the email receipt customers receive after making an online payment. The other template is the notification email that goes to your organization. There will be more new templates coming so you can further customize your user’s experience!