FREE Custom Portal Addresses with Let’s Encrypt SSL!

You heard it right! All customers (free and paid subscribers) can now use their own domain name – and it’s 100% free. Thanks to some really cool new technology, it is now easier than ever to setup your portal to use your own domain name. In order to make this work, we utilize a dynamic certificate authority called Let’s Encrypt. With the Let’s Encrypt CA, we are able to create the SSL certificate on the fly. These certificates have [...]

Sync Version 5 Beta Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Sync version 5 (beta) is now available for download. You can still run version 4.0.2 while version 5 is in beta. If you run into issues with version 5, please report them via support ticket. If you run into problems that are preventing you from completing production work, please uninstall version 5 and reinstall version 4.0.2. Version 5 is a complete redesign and rewrite. The goal was to make the interface more intuitive and [...]

Sync 5 Update

I did some beta testing on a client’s QB company file with extremely high volume. This was to test that large data transmissions will scale properly. A couple of small issues were found and resolved. It was discovered though that there is a need for an additional option to select a date range for certain data types where there is a very large amount of data to synchronize (ie the first sync). In some cases where there is a need [...]

GoToMyAccounts Sync App Version 5 Update

It is Monday, October 10, and I had hoped to have version 5 of the new sync app available for beta today. The application is actually about 90% complete now. There are just a few data elements remaining. I am anticipating about 2-3 more days of coding before the beta can be posted for download. I have posted a short 5-minute video showing status of the development and a demo of some of the new features. This is VERY close [...]

Ability to Apply Credits Online is Back

The ability for staff and customers to apply a credit is back! This feature was disabled for a while because the interface needed to be re-tooled. The development work on that is now complete and you can enable this feature by going into “settings” and enable it for staff or customers (or both). (Currently this is supported in QuickBooks Desktop only.)

Announcing New Pricing Tiers

We have expanded our pricing tiers! Our new pricing tiers are more flexible making it easier to create a subscription plan that matches your unique needs. Try out our pricing sliders to estimate the cost of various subscription levels. What happens to pricing on existing subscription? Although existing plans have been changed over to the new pricing tiers, existing pricing has been preserved unless the new pricing is lower. Existing (preserved) pricing can be retained for one year, or until a subscription [...]

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