Sync Version 5 Beta Now Available

Sync Version 5 Beta Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Sync version 5 (beta) is now available for download. You can still run version 4.0.2 while version 5 is in beta. If you run into issues with version 5, please report them via support ticket. If you run into problems that are preventing you from completing production work, please uninstall version 5 and reinstall version 4.0.2.

Version 5 is a complete redesign and rewrite. The goal was to make the interface more intuitive and to solve some ongoing sync issues that some users have experienced.

I would invite you to do the following, especially if you plan to begin using this beta version.

  1. Watch the short Sync 5 video walk-through
  2. BEFORE installing version 5, make a note of your sync key as you may be asked for the key again after installing version 5.
  3. Follow our Facebook page and/or Twitter account to receive breaking news, information, and announcements.
  4. Report ANY problems or anomalies you encounter by creating a support ticket. Feel free to also offer user feedback that will help us in improving the software.

You can download Sync version 5 beta on our downloads page.

Walk-Through Video (Sync 5 Beta)

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