Sync 5 Update

Sync 5 Update

I did some beta testing on a client’s QB company file with extremely high volume. This was to test that large data transmissions will scale properly. A couple of small issues were found and resolved.

It was discovered though that there is a need for an additional option to select a date range for certain data types where there is a very large amount of data to synchronize (ie the first sync). In some cases where there is a need to sync thousands of invoices it can actually crash the QuickBooks software. This anomaly has been acknowledged by Intuit support, but at this point it is something we will have to work around.

Hence, it will be a couple more days of work to modify some of the code to provide a workaround where the data volume to sync is very high. I apologize for this delay, but it has to be done.

I’ll shoot for release of Sync 5 by end of this weekend.

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