Lots Of New Code Went Into Production Today!

Lots Of New Code Went Into Production Today!

New Customer Dashboard!
More updates to the interface are still coming. These will be incremental for now. But the new Customer Dashboard is cleaner and more intuitive. The balance is clearly visible and the layout is simplified.

New Customer Dashboard

Session Changes
Your session ID is no longer visible in the URL. This is now stored as a cookie. This really has no effect on your experience, but it paves the way for some new features that are coming to GoToMyAccounts in the very near future. It also adds an additional small layer of security to your session.

“Login As”
The “Login As” feature has changed slightly. You still click the “Login As” button (or link), but rather than the browser opening a new window into that session, it loads the session in your current window. You can interact with that account as much as you like. When you are ready to return back to your own account, just move your mouse over the profile avatar in the upper right corner and you will see an option to return to your original session.

As always, if you encounter ANY problems whatsoever with these code updates, please create a support ticket immediately so we can fix any bugs.

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