Improved Credit Card Payments Going Live Today

Improved Credit Card Payments Going Live Today

Save Credit Cards    save-cards-002

Your customers will now have the ability to save their credit cards for use with future online payments. We’re rolling this out with support for the payment gateway and we will soon support this feature for the Stripe payment gateway.

Is it safe and secure?
We never store a customer’s credit card information in our systems. Rather we are using’s Customer Information Management (CIM) feature. When your customer saves a credit card for future payments, it is saved in the “vault”. In our database, we save a token or “pointer” to that payment profile. When it’s time to make a future payment, we simply tell which payment profile (card) to use. You can easily add, remove, and edit stored credit cards. Customers can also opt out of saving their card for any payment.

A Precursor to New Features Coming Soon
The ability to save a credit card payment profile paves the way for implementing recurring payments in your GoToMyAccounts portal. There will be more information coming soon about the implementation for Recurring Payments and Billing Agreements.

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