GoToMyAccounts CONNECT

Announcing GoToMyAccounts Connect!

gtma-connectHave you ever wanted to send a customer or invoice record up to your web portal immediately without waiting for the next sync to run? Have you ever wondered if a record synchronized successfully or just wanted to re-send a record to the web portal?

GoToMyAccounts Connect is the solution!GTMA Connect runs on your desktop, alongside your QuickBooks application. After you login to your QuickBooks file, open GTMA Connect and you are ready to send records directly to the web portal.

One of our most common support requests is a user wondering if a record made it up to the web portal, or how they can confirm or troubleshoot the synchronization of any given record. This utility will allow you to select any customer or invoice record and immediately send it to the web portal. If there is an error or failure, you will see a message inside the application.

This application is free for all GTMA users and you must login with your employee user account.

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