GoToMyAccounts Perfectly Positioned for New QuickBooks Products and Integration

GoToMyAccounts Perfectly Positioned for New QuickBooks Products and Integration

Intuit just made some VERY big changes to not only their product offerings but also the options for us developers to integrate with those products.  I am very happy to announce that GoToMyAccounts is in a perfect position to not only adopt the latest technologies available through Intuit, but take FULL advantage of the investment we made in our proprietary Sync software.

In 2010, Intuit announced a whole new paradigm in their development API offering.  They introduced IPP (Intuit Partner Platform).  With that new shift, it meant developers were encouraged to begin transitioning older applications to the new developer tools and API model.  Many adopted the new tools for the Online Edition, but most stuck with the traditional SDK model for supporting QuickBooks Desktop.

The QuickBooks Web Connector (introduced in 2008) was Intuit’s answer for developers writing applications for the web.  It provided a way to interact with the Desktop version of QuickBooks through a web service written by the developer.  Well, that tool has had its share of issues.  Lucky for GoToMyAccounts, a proprietary “connector” was created by us back in 2005 to do this very thing – and I think we have a FAR superior tool than even Intuit has!  Our synch app is “smart”.  It is not just a web connector that sits and waits for new tasks.  Our sync app knows the business processes and handles much of the logic.  The web portal’s web service handles the other side of the sync process by reading/writing updates to the web portal.


Well, Intuit just announced in November of 2013 that the latest developer APIs (IPP) that were designed for the Desktop Platform are being deprecated.  Intuit will instead focus IPP, now better known as “QuickBooks Online API”, on support of the Online Edition of QuickBooks only.  Developers who are writing and supporting applications for the Desktop Edition will continue to use the older (and more robust) QuickBooks SDK.  This is wonderful news for us at GotoMyAccounts!  Our entire sync application is based on that SDK and we have a HUGE advantage over our competitors now because we possess a synch application that we developed and perfected for over 8 years!  Everyone else will be left to write their own and start from scratch.

GoToMyAccounts Sync App

Over the last 8 months, we have been developing a new core base of code for our web portal software using the new .NET Razor view engine.  This is a fantastic platform to build on!  We have been rewriting our QuickBooks SDK wrappers in .Net and have created a whole new web portal framework that will be released soon to our users.  With this new version, the interface is newer, more modern, and faster.  We still support full customization of the web interface by the customer (colors, styles, custom header).  New to this edition will be support for Social Networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter).

Perhaps the biggest news of all is we will FINALLY be supporting real-time integration with QuickBooks Online.  That means if you are a QuickBooks Online user, you can simply signup for GoToMyAccounts, connect your account to QuickBooks Online, and you have a fully working customer web portal in just a matter of a few minutes!

2014 will be a very big year!  I will keep communicating the progress we are making at regular intervals.  I know there are a lot of you who are waiting patiently for the QuickBooks Online support!


UPDATE: (2015-11-18) – QuickBooks Online support is already here!



Mark J. Sauer
CEO, GoToMyAccounts

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