GoToMyAccounts Now Supports QuickBooks Online!

GoToMyAccounts Now Supports QuickBooks Online!

Although this announcement is for everyone, initial rollout for Quickbooks Online support will be beta only. Beta accounts will be free until the “beta period” is over, which is esitmated to be 1-3 months. If you wish to participate in this beta, go to and click the “register” button. Register your free account and then send us a support ticket requesting access to the Quickbooks Online Beta. We will then enable access to this beta for your account.

What Features Are Supported?
Currently, you can add, view, edit customers. You can set billing automation settings and allow customers to pay invoices online. The Quickbooks Online interface currently does not support automatic application of discounts when invoices are paid early. According to the developer community, this is hopefully something they will support in the future. Your vendor list is synchronized, but is ready only at this time.

How Do I Sync?
There is NO synchronization application required. Everything takes place automatically server to server.

We only synchronize data to the point that it allows searches and pages to load quickly. Otherwise, we are pushing/pulling data to/from Quickbooks Online in real time.

Until further notice, you still need to synchronize by going to the Quickbooks Online page in the portal. Just click “Refresh All”. Do this whenever you add new reords in Quickbooks Online. VERY soon this will just be automatic via a server-side script. We just didn’t have that ready yet at the time of this announcement.

Please report any issues via our support ticketing page so we can resolve outstanding software bugs as quickly as possible.

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