New! Email Templates for Customer Receipts

There are two new email templates available for customization in your web portal. One is for the email receipt customers receive after making an online payment. The other template is the notification email that goes to your organization. There will be more new templates coming so you can further customize your user’s experience!

GoToMyAccounts Perfectly Positioned for New QuickBooks Products and Integration

Intuit just made some VERY big changes to not only their product offerings but also the options for us developers to integrate with those products.  I am very happy to announce that GoToMyAccounts is in a perfect position to not only adopt the latest technologies available through Intuit, but take FULL advantage of the investment we made in our proprietary Sync software. In 2010, Intuit announced a whole new paradigm in their development API offering.  They introduced IPP (Intuit Partner [...]

GoToMyAccounts Generation IV Release Date (Apr 6, 2019) 17 Days 19 Hours 36 Minutes 22 Seconds