GoToMyAccounts Generation IV Work Underway

It’s always exciting to announce new products, features, and enhancements. The 4th generation of GoToMyAccounts is being built and it’s going to be better than ever. All of our back-end processes are being rewritten and converted to either internal or publicly available APIs. That means leaner and more efficient code, and it also means that third party developers will soon be able to integrate applications with the GoToMyAccounts platform. GTMA Gen 4 will also include a brand new sync application for [...]

Improved Credit Card Payments Going Live Today

     Your customers will now have the ability to save their credit cards for use with future online payments. We’re rolling this out with support for the payment gateway and we will soon support this feature for the Stripe payment gateway. Is it safe and secure? We never store a customer’s credit card information in our systems. Rather we are using’s Customer Information Management (CIM) feature. When your customer saves a credit card for future payments, it is saved [...]

New Customer Portal User Interface

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance and modernize the customer user interface, we have rolled out a new customer portal user interface that is leaner, smoother, faster, and more intuitive. Check out this 5 minute walk-through video to see what the changes look like.

GoToMyAccounts Now Supports QuickBooks Online!

Although this announcement is for everyone, initial rollout for Quickbooks Online support will be beta only. Beta accounts will be free until the “beta period” is over, which is esitmated to be 1-3 months. If you wish to participate in this beta, go to and click the “register” button. Register your free account and then send us a support ticket requesting access to the Quickbooks Online Beta. We will then enable access to this beta for your account. What Features [...]

GoToMyAccounts Now Supports Stripe Payments!

Support for Stripe Payments has just been added to the GoToMyAccounts platform. Stripe is a great alternative to PayPal and is a great solution for low volume credit card merchants. There are no monthly fees and your customer is never taken to another site for payment processing. Transaction fees are about the same as PayPal, but there is no need to signup for a traditional merchant account or contracts. Our platform integration includes support for the Stripe testing “sandbox”, so [...]

The ALL NEW GoToMyAccounts is here!

I am very excited to announce that the all new GoToMyAccounts has finally been released. This is THE BIGGEST update in the 6 year history of GoToMyAccounts. The latest version has a fresh new look. The interface is responsive, so it will work well on both desktops and mobile/tablet devices. One of the biggest improvements is full internationalization support. We now support just about any region or currency. That means currency and date formatting, as well as proper time [...]

New Portal Updates Going Live Today

Lots of new code has just been published today. Please report any bugs or issues on our support site by opening a support ticket. So, what’s new and what will be affected? Let me just take a moment to describe the direction things are going with the overall web interface of the portal software. JQuery UI – (Going Away) First of all, “what the heck is JQuery UI?” It’s okay if you don’t know, and you really don’t need to know. But [...]

Lots Of New Code Went Into Production Today!

New Customer Dashboard! More updates to the interface are still coming. These will be incremental for now. But the new Customer Dashboard is cleaner and more intuitive. The balance is clearly visible and the layout is simplified. Session Changes Your session ID is no longer visible in the URL. This is now stored as a cookie. This really has no effect on your experience, but it paves the way for some new features that are coming to GoToMyAccounts in the very near [...]

GoToMyAccounts Generation IV Release Date (Apr 6, 2019) 17 Days 19 Hours 39 Minutes 21 Seconds