Monthly Archives - October 2016

Sync Version 5 Beta Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Sync version 5 (beta) is now available for download. You can still run version 4.0.2 while version 5 is in beta. If you run into issues with version 5, please report them via support ticket. If you run into problems that are preventing you from completing production work, please uninstall version 5 and reinstall version 4.0.2. Version 5 is a complete redesign and rewrite. The goal was to make the interface more intuitive and [...]

Sync 5 Update

I did some beta testing on a client’s QB company file with extremely high volume. This was to test that large data transmissions will scale properly. A couple of small issues were found and resolved. It was discovered though that there is a need for an additional option to select a date range for certain data types where there is a very large amount of data to synchronize (ie the first sync). In some cases where there is a need [...]

GoToMyAccounts Sync App Version 5 Update

It is Monday, October 10, and I had hoped to have version 5 of the new sync app available for beta today. The application is actually about 90% complete now. There are just a few data elements remaining. I am anticipating about 2-3 more days of coding before the beta can be posted for download. I have posted a short 5-minute video showing status of the development and a demo of some of the new features. This is VERY close [...]

GoToMyAccounts Generation IV Release Date (Apr 6, 2019) 17 Days 19 Hours 49 Minutes 8 Seconds