Monthly Archives - October 2015

GoToMyAccounts Now Supports QuickBooks Online!

Although this announcement is for everyone, initial rollout for Quickbooks Online support will be beta only. Beta accounts will be free until the "beta period" is over, which is esitmated to be 1-3 months. If you wish to participate in this beta, go to and click the "register" button. Register your free account and then send us a support ticket requesting access to the Quickbooks Online Beta. We will then enable access to this beta for your account. What Features [...]

GoToMyAccounts Now Supports Stripe Payments!

Support for Stripe Payments has just been added to the GoToMyAccounts platform. Stripe is a great alternative to PayPal and is a great solution for low volume credit card merchants. There are no monthly fees and your customer is never taken to another site for payment processing. Transaction fees are about the same as PayPal, but there is no need to signup for a traditional merchant account or contracts. Our platform integration includes support for the Stripe testing "sandbox", so [...]