Monthly Archives - June 2015

New Portal Updates Going Live Today

Lots of new code has just been published today. Please report any bugs or issues on our support site by opening a support ticket. So, what’s new and what will be affected? Let me just take a moment to describe the direction things are going with the overall web interface of the portal software. JQuery UI – (Going Away) First of all, “what the heck is JQuery UI?” It’s okay if you don’t know, and you really don’t need to know. But [...]

Lots Of New Code Went Into Production Today!

New Customer Dashboard! More updates to the interface are still coming. These will be incremental for now. But the new Customer Dashboard is cleaner and more intuitive. The balance is clearly visible and the layout is simplified. Session Changes Your session ID is no longer visible in the URL. This is now stored as a cookie. This really has no effect on your experience, but it paves the way for some new features that are coming to GoToMyAccounts in the very near [...]